What we do...

Headstart Arrow   Our varied client base, commitment to improving our skills and a long history of providing IT support means that we have a high level of knowledge in almost every area of IT that could be important to an SME.

Headstart Arrow   We learn about our clients businesses and how they function, this means that we know what is important to the running of your organisation and we can help your business become more efficient and effective.

Headstart Arrow   We provide a complete IT department outside your organisation

• IT manager - to advise business management on strategy and ensure that your IT department is providing the service your business needs. To make sure you are getting good deals and service from your third party tech suppliers such as telecoms, copier providers, hardware suppliers, bespoke software vendors, hosted solution providers etc.

• Remote Support - to quickly resolve your software problems and “how to” queries as they arise.

• Onsite Support - to install your PCs, Servers, Laptops, Printers, Scanners, Network infrastructure, Wireless networks, NAS drives, Web Cams, Projectors etc. and resolve hardware problems which require a site visit.

• Specialist Workstation and Software Support – to resolve the in depth workstation and bespoke software problem that some IT companies say can’t be fixed.

• Specialist Server and Network Support – for your local services, remote services and connectivity.

• Consultant – To advise you an what technology could be doing for you to move your business forward and sometimes advise where the traditional methods are best and why you should ignore some of the latest “Buzz” words.

• Project Manager – To ensure that projects are delivered on time, on budget and with the minimum of interference to the on-going operations of the business.

• Out of hours Engineer – To help with urgent problems outside normal working hours.

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