Please be aware that we have received a large number of calls in the last couple of days from people who are returning a missed call from a phone number ending **6781.

This is not our telephone number; it is nothing to do with Headstart IT Solutions and is almost certainly a scam.  We believe this is probably part of a deception where the caller will tell you that you have a problem on your computer and offer to connect to your computer remotely to resolve it.

This usually results in either a large charge on your credit card (for resolving a problem that did not exist), or the delivery of some form of malware / virus / ransomware to your computer.

Our own systems have not been compromised.

The number which called you is diverting to us when you return the call and this all happens externally.  Unfortunately OFCOM and Action Fraud are unable to do anything to stop this.

You may have found our website by searching on the phone number ending **6781; two third-party websites list this number in relation to Headstart IT Solutions.  We have contacted these websites to request that this is removed and have reported these to Action Fraud, however we have no direct control over these, and we believe they are owned and controlled by the scammers.  This suggests that the scammers are trying to use our credibility to add weight to their scam.

If you received a missed call from this number please ignore it.  Its worth noting that if anyone you don’t know calls you reporting problems on your computer then you should always be extremely suspicious.  You are welcome to contact us to check the validity of any reports to this effect.

Thank you