Your server in safe hands

If you have a server – whether its onsite or cloud based – you need to know that it is being carefully looked after to minimise the risk of downtime for users, or even worse.

With our server management packages your server is in safe hands.  We use a comprehensive range of tools for security, management and monitoring but we don’t just rely on those; at least once a month a senior engineer carries out in depth checks as well.

Alerts when there is any failure on a server are automatically reported to all our engineers so we can start working on problems as soon as possible – usually before there is any effect on users.

  • Multi-layer enterprise grade security software is included and monitored
  • Backups are monitored
  • Key Windows services monitored
  • Physical Server health checked (Disk and RAID health etc)
  • Unauthorised login attempts are monitored and investigated
  • Resource utilisation monitored
  • Connectivity monitored
  • Software and human monitoring
  • Security and other updates for Microsoft and other software are promptly applied
  • Temporary server supplied for disaster recovery
  • Domain reputation monitored
  • Much more

We have various backup options dependent on your needs.

Outstanding Service

We highly recommend Headstart for any small business.  They are so good, very friendly and extremely helpful.  The prices are kept to a minimum but with a great service.

Lucy N
Masher Bros Limited