Software to fulfil your requirements

We work with all the usual software and operating systems found in most businesses.  Most industries will also have their own software solutions specific to their requirements, and we are used to working with these too.

Industry specific software will usually have dedicated support and we work with providers to ensure that any support issues are dealt with efficiently; working directly with the third-party support providers ourselves ensures a speedy resolution of problems and minimises interruptions (and stress) for our clients.

We can source the right software for you, and if you know what you need to achieve but don’t know the right software to fulfil your requirements, we can help you find and evaluate the right solution.

Over the years we have also gained a lot of experience in the complicated world of MS volume licensing; if you need any advice on that or any software issue then please give us a call.

We will pass on the benefits of our diverse exposure, experience and long relationships with many different software vendors to you.

We can learn to install and support pretty much any new software – and we regularly do – but we spend a lot of our time working on

  • Windows Desktop and Server Operating Systems
  • Mac Desktop Operating Systems
  • Linux Operating Systems
  • MS Office (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher etc)
  • Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware (Bit Defender, Sophos, Symantec, Malwarebytes etc)
  • Apple, Microsoft & Third-party encryption software
  • Sage (Accounts, payroll etc)
  • QuickBooks
  • Adobe
  • Apple software
  • Industry-specific software for Legal, Financial, Recruitment, Construction, Estate Agency, Medical, Clinical, Leisure & Tourism, Manufacturing, Energy, Graphics and film etc
  • AutoCAD
  • CRM systems
  • ERP systems
  • Standard small common apps and utilities (Chrome, zip apps, Skype, iTunes, PDF apps, Team viewer etc)
  • Backup Software (normally Macrium Reflect, Hyper Backup, Windows backup)
  • Killdisk (Secure Disk/Data Erasing)

Above and beyond

We recently switched IT companies and could not be happier with the service that we have received from Headstart.  James and the team have gone above and beyond to fix and improve our IT setup in our office.  Work carried out is always done with great efficiency and professionalism.  We would definitely recommend Headstart for any IT services required.

Olephant Solicitors