Free consultation

We have lots of experience assisting both smaller and larger new businesses with their IT setup; a time where great care must be taken to balance the cost of IT expenditure against your requirements.

We love to work with new companies to help them grow; we want to build long term relationships with our clients.  We help you succeed through wise use of technology; you grow, and in turn that helps us grow further too.

Not every buzz word and latest thing is going to make sense for you.  When you are starting a new business a lot of salespeople will probably target you to tell you that you simply can’t survive without their product.

We can help you separate the wheat from the chaff, and avoid those investments that don’t make sense.  Sometimes you need to start smaller and leave some things for later when finances allow

We can make sure that you have got the functionality you need and advise you where your investment in technology will give you the greatest return, and what can wait until later.

We will help you get started with the essentials, and also help to plan for growth and future hardware, software, networking and infrastructure requirements.

If you are a new or fledgling business get in touch for a free consultation so you can explain your needs and see what we could do for you.

Their response is always extremely quick

Lewis Travel Services and the MOT Factory Ltd have used the services of Headstart for our computer and IT needs for many years.  We have always found them to be most helpful and their response to any queries and questions is always extremely quick.  If a visit to our work place is needed, they manage to see us at very short notice.  The staff are always friendly and polite and it is good to be able to use a local company.

L Lewis
Lewis Travel