The right level of performance and resilience

We can help you find the right server for your needs.  We can also advise on MS Licensing and supply hardware, operating systems and software.

We go through the server specification process with our clients to explain the (sometimes bewildering) options – so you get the performance you need without paying for anything you don’t need.

Whether you need

  • A first server
  • Additional servers
  • A server migration
  • An existing server reconfigured / repaired / secured
  • An existing server upgraded or optimised
  • Improved redundancy
  • A NAS or SAN solution implemented
  • Virtualisation
  • Help with backups & disaster recovery
  • Replication across servers / sites
  • Active directory and rights tidied up
  • Group policy implementation
  • Or anything else

How refreshing to hear a friendly, helpful voice

Since we signed on with Headstart, James and the team have provided an excellent level of service.  Our initial IT requirements were quite minimal, but these have grown more and more as our business expands.  We have thrown quite a few challenges at Headstart, including remotely setting up European offices and installing new software systems, but nothing seems to be too big or too challenging.  The team is always able to come up with a solution.

How refreshing it is to call an IT company and always hear a friendly, helpful voice.  I certainly appreciate their patience with us, as well as their ability to explain technical issues in a simple, straightforward manner.  Someone is always there to pick up the phone and the response time is quick and efficient.  I would highly recommend Headstart.

Anna Maio
Hutton Energy