We pride ourselves on being flexible to our clients’ needs, and our support agreements are no exception to this

We have a wide range of options to suit the needs of every organisation; you choose the elements which are important to your organisation.

Some of our clients just need to know that if they have an emergency they can count on us to start solving the problem quickly.

Other clients want every server, workstation and network device secured and managed, with support included and an IT director level of service, to develop an IT strategy for the organisation, and represent them with their clients and other suppliers.

We can provide both ends of the scale – and everything in between – and we would welcome a call from you to discuss what you need.

Fast response times

This is our basic level of service; for clients who just need to know that in an emergency an engineer will be able to start helping them quickly. With this service an engineer will begin working on an urgent problem remotely in less than 1 hour and – if required – onsite within a maximum of 4 hours. These times are maximums. In most cases, when a client calls with an urgent problem an engineer will be able to start resolving the problem remotely within five minutes, and on-site arrival for urgent problems is usually around 2 ½ hours.

Server and backup management

This service ensures that your server is healthy, secure and that backups are running successfully.

We use various tools to secure, monitor and report on security, health, backup success and other factors. If a problem is detected, this is automatically reported to all senior engineers.

Unlike many IT companies we don’t just rely on automated tools however – at least once a month a senior engineer will personally log into your server to carry out in-depth checks.

You can find further detail on this in the services section.

Fixed price support

This service will provide support for your IT setup as it stands, as well as resolving any problems that arise with the existing setup.

The basic premise with this service is to resolve problems where “it worked yesterday but it’s not working today”

Available as a remote-only, or remote and on-site service.

Inclusive hours

This service is aimed at organisations who want to make some changes, upgrades or improvements to their IT setup.

It provides an inclusive number of hours each month which can be used to support your setup as it stands, or to change / upgrade / add new functionality to an existing setup.

With this service an appropriate number of monthly hours are agreed, and these are included at a reduced hourly rate.

Scheduled site visits

For some clients it makes sense to have a scheduled visit; a half or full day – every week, every two weeks or once a month – to help users with general queries, or to carry out any on-site work or scheduled maintenance which is required.

Other support services

The key areas of most support contracts will be covered in the five sections above; from which our clients can choose whatever is important to them and their business.

In addition to this we provide many other services; a few of which are listed below. If you would like more detail on any of these please do not hesitate to call us.

  • Workstation security
  • Online backup
  • Offsite email filtering
  • Offsite email hosting (we currently manage over 500 mailboxes)
  • Mail relay services
  • Backup email servers (which allow reading and composition of email)
  • Off-site Web filtering
  • Domain name and DNS management
  • Domain reputation monitoring

Very quick and attentive

James helped us with an office move, very quick and attentive, and helped with all the initial setup despite the short notice.  Would use the services in future and recommend.

Amir Fanian
Grosvenor Financial