Wealth of experience with a wide range of technologies

With more than 100 years of technical experience on the team we have a wealth of knowledge with a wide variety of technologies.

Many of us have been working in the industry since the era of Windows 3.1, but we keep our knowledge and skills up to date with the latest technologies so we know the right solution to help our clients.

We are always learning and testing new technologies in our lab environment and we share our knowledge keenly between the members of our team

The right technology for you

Whether you are a new startup or well established SME, if you have cloud based, local servers or a combination of the two, whether you need help with software, hardware, networking, security or internet connections – we can implement and support the right solution for you.

Highest quality IT support received

The service I received from Headstart IT was above any other IT service I have ever received since opening my business over 7 years ago.  All members of the Headstart IT team were patient, professional and knowledgeable.  After years of questionable support, Headstart IT cleaned up all previous issues and got us up and running efficiently.  My set-up was somewhat unique (with PC, iMac and Virtual Machine setups), but we worked together to get it all in place and in excellent operating order.  I highly recommend the team at Headstart IT for all your IT needs.

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