Please be advised we are experiencing problems with our phone lines today, these are external and are an issue with our independent telecoms provider. The symptoms vary so you may find that:

  1. You call and get a ringtone, but cannot hear us when we pick up
    If this happens please rest assured we can see your number calling and we will call you back from another line which will present itself as an “Unknown Number”.
  2. Your call may be diverted to another line
    If this happens you will hear the ringtone pause and / or change – if so please let the phone continue to ring as it should be diverting to one of our mobiles.
  3. You call and get no ringtone at all
    We have not experienced this so far but if it does happen then please email us on and we will get back in touch with you.
  4. Your call is received as normal
    The problem is not constant so you may find that you call and there is no problem. If the call drops while we are speaking we will contact you back from another number.

All our other systems continue to functioning as normal so we can continue to assist you, we are receiving emails as usual and will respond by phone or email as appropriate.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience, our telecoms provider is working on the issue and will hopefully be able to restore full service soon.

Thank you

Headstart team.