Managing privacy settings in your Microsoft 365 account can help protect your personal and business information. Properly configured privacy settings help ensure that your data is only accessible to those who are authorised and that your activities remain private. Here’s how to access and manage your privacy settings to enhance security and privacy:

Access Your Privacy Settings

– Sign in to your Microsoft 365 account.

– Click on your profile picture in the top right corner and select My Account.

Review and Adjust Privacy Settings

– In the left-hand menu, select Privacy.

– Here, by you can manage various aspects of your privacy settings, including ad preferences, location services, activity history (browsing and search), and more.

Configure Security and Privacy Settings

Under the Security section (left-hand menu – click on ‘Security’), you can:

– Review your sign-in activity and security settings.

– Enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for an additional layer of security.

– Regularly update your password and ensure it is strong and unique.

By taking steps to manage your privacy settings, you can enhance the security of your Microsoft 365 account, ensuring your personal and business information remains protected and private.